Black Opal Stone: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

Australian Black Opal Stone
Australian Black Opal Stone

Black Opal Stone Overview

Black Opal is a black variety of Opal. It is formed when the silica gel in Opal combines with iron oxide and other trace elements. This process occurs deep within the earth, where intense heat and pressure fuse the minerals into fine-grained crystals that are opaque but still transparent enough for light to pass through them.

This article will take a look into the properties, meanings, and uses of the Black Opal stone.

  • Variety of: Precious Opal
  • Wearability: Excellent
  • Symbols: Love, Spiritual Healing
  • Color: Dark background color
  • Hardness: 6-6.5
  • Birthstone: October

What Is Black Opal?

Black Opal is one of the rarest among different opal types, as it takes a great deal of time for the silica gel to form. Finding large pieces of Black Opal gemstone is also challenging because they are usually cut into smaller stones. The result is a beautiful, shimmering stone that can be cut into many shapes.

Crystal opal is a form of silica gel, an amorphous hydrated silicon dioxide. Because opals are porous, they can hold water and other small molecules, making them susceptible to degradation.

What Does The Word Opal Mean (Etymology)?

“Opal” comes from the Sanskrit word upala, meaning “precious stone.”

“Opal” is also derived from the Greek word opallios, which means “to see a change of color.” This refers to the way light passes through an opal and causes it to change colors.

Black Opal Stone Appearance

Black opals are usually opaque and usually have a completely black body tone. They may be transparent or translucent, but this is rare.

The stone’s color is not the only thing that makes it valuable. Black opals are also characterized by their play of color, which may be seen when moving the stone or in different lighting conditions. The most valuable black opals are called “black fire” because they display a play of colors, like reds and greens (such as sunlight or candlelight).

The play of color in a black opal is due to light diffraction in the thin, transparent layers of the stone. The effect is similar to that of a rainbow or oil on water.

Black opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica, typically found in sedimentary rocks. The water content of this stone may range from 3 to 21% by weight, but usually, it’s around 6 to 10%. The internal structure of this precious opal makes it diffract light.

Some dark grey or dark green opals are sometimes referred to as black opals; this is a miscategorization.

Physical Properties Of The Black Opal Stone

Mineral GroupMineraloid
FormulaSiO2 + H2O
Chemical nameHydrated Silica
ColorDark background color
Hardness (Mohs scale) 6-6.5
Refractive Index1.370-1.470
Specific Gravity1.97-2.22
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Table of Black Opal Stone Physical Properties

Where Can You Find The Black Opal Stone?

This Opal is basically found in the following countries.

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Honduras
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • USA
Black opal map
Black opal map

How To Tell If The Black Opal Stone Is Real?

  1. Natural opals are characterized by their brilliant flashes of color. The best way to tell a natural black opal from an imitation is by examining the stone’s play of color and its body tone. If you hold your Black Opal up to the light and see flashes of blue, green, yellow, or orange, it is most likely a natural opal.
  2. When examining Opal, hold it to the light and observe its homogeneity. A real opal will have an even color without any spots or inclusions. The play of color is what makes the stone so valuable, so if you see discoloration or spots within your Opal, it’s probably not real but synthetic black opal.
  3. Another way to tell if black Opal is natural is by examining its base material. If the stone has no backing and rests on a piece of plastic or glass, then it’s likely fake.
  4. If you’re looking for a real black opal, it’s best to buy from a reputable jeweler.
Natural gemstone black opal on gray background
Natural gemstone black opal on gray background

Black Opal Stone Value

The most valuable black opals have a dark body tone (intensity of color) and good fire (play of color). These qualities depend on the cut and size of the Black Opal and its dark body tone. Dark Blue Black opals from Lightning Ridge in Australia are considered the best in terms of quality.


The most expensive black Opal, with fine quality and exquisite play of color, can bring as much as $10,000 per carat—more than an equivalent weight in diamonds.

The dark blue opals from Lightning ridge, Australia, are considered among the best. If you’re looking to get the black opals worth the most money, Australia has mined the best variety in terms of quality.

Affordable black opals (per carat weight) are also available, and although not quite as striking as the finest black opals, these jewels can still be stunning. You can buy them for between $50 and $4,000 per carat.

Below are some factors that you should consider when looking for an opal:

Color: Black Opal Color is the most crucial factor in determining the value of an opal. The more intense the color, the higher its value. Black Opals with a dark body tone (intensity of color) are better than those with a light body tone. Dark blue opals are also sometimes categorized as black opals.

Luster: Generally, they have waxy, shiny luster. The higher the luster, the more valuable Opal is likely to be.

Fire: Black Opals that show flashes of rainbow colors are said to have a fire when moved in the light. This effect comes from light bouncing off tiny silica spheres inside an opal’s structure.

Cut: Opals are usually cut into a low cabochon (oval shape/teardrop shapes) and used for rings or pendants. The cut is also essential to consider when valuing an opal. A well-cut black opal gemstone will reflect light and fire better than a poorly cut one.

Quality: Generally, the higher quality of Opal is, the more valuable it will be. This includes things such as color, pattern, and clarity. The most common types of opals are black Opal and white Opal. Black opals tend to be more valuable than white because they have a more excellent contrast between their dark base material and bright play of color.

Black fire opal
Black fire opal

Black Opal Stone Chakra Connection

Black Opal stimulates the crown chakra and root chakra.

Crown chakra is also known as the seventh or Sahasrara in Sanskrit. It is associated with our spiritual connection and inner wisdom. The crown chakra is the center of our being, where we find our relationship to the universe. It is also the seat of enlightenment and compassion.

Black Opal is specifically linked to root chakra and is often used to strengthen your connection with the earth. It can help you feel grounded in any situation, especially if you’re unbalanced.

The other names for root chakra are first chakra or Muladhara in Sanskrit.

The root chakra is linked with survival instincts, security, and material stability. It is located at the base of your spine, and it helps you feel safe and secure when you’re grounded in the present moment.

Black Opal Stone Meaning And Uses

  • Opals are associated with love and passion. They’re believed to bring good luck and protect against harm, especially from water. Most Black Opal gemstones are also considered lucky stones that bring good fortune and prosperity.
  • Black opal flakes are a key ingredient in cosmetics, which use them to create shimmering makeup.
  • Black Opal is also used in jewelry, especially for rings and bracelets. In addition, it’s often combined with other stones like pearls or diamonds to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that enhance the wearer’s beauty.
  • Black Opals also help in spiritual healing and protection from negative energies.
  • It is believed that black opal enhances psychic powers and brings good luck in gambling.
  • It also helps the immune system and protects the liver from disease.
  • As a crown chakra stone, black opal helps connect us to higher realms and brings us divine wisdom. It is an excellent stone for meditation, healing, and spiritual growth.

Is The Black Opal Stone a birthstone?

Black Opal is an October birthstone, so if you were born in October, this sparkling stone could be your birthstone. It’s also associated with Libra, meaning it’s a good choice for anyone born under this sign.

Black fire opal handemade bracelet
Black fire opal handemade bracelet

How To Take Care Of Black Opal Stone Jewelry?

  1. Rinse black opals thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Never use silver cleaning solutions or ultrasonic cleaners on your jewelry because they can damage its finish.
  3. Never expose your black opal jewelry to extreme temperatures.
  4. Burn white sage to remove any excess negative energy trapped in your jewelry. You can also cleanse crystal jewelry with white sage or burning incense and smudge it with a feather. Place the jeweled ornament in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt and leave overnight to clear any negative energy.
  5. It is essential to take off your Black Opal jewelry before cleaning, bathing, or exercising.
  6. If you have a black opal ring or bracelet, avoid wearing it during exercise and swimming. Swimming can damage your jewelry’s setting and cause water to seep into the stone, leading to discoloration or cracking.
  7. You can protect your black opals gemstones by storing them in a soft jewelry box with a moist cloth or wet cotton ball enclosed, then sealing this into a plastic bag to prevent dehydration.


Which Gemstones Go Best With The Black Opal Stone?

Black Opals are powerful gemstones with a dark body tone and a magnificent display of colors. They work well with many crystals. You can wear black Opal with other black stones or crystals, such as onyx, obsidian, and black tourmaline.
You can also wear it with rutile quartz crystal and moonstone as they calm and soothe the emotions, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.
If you want to accentuate the fire in your opals, consider wearing them with almandine garnets or rubies.

What Is The Black Opal Stone Good For?

Black Opal is a mighty stone and can be used to promote healing on all levels, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual. It stimulates the chakras and helps to clear any blockages within them. It is an excellent stone for meditation and can be used to open the crown chakra, therefore allowing you to connect with your higher self.

What Are The Healing Properties Of The Black Opal Stone?

Black opals are deeply cleansing and purifying, removing negative energy from the body and clearing the aura. They are also very grounding, helping to bring balance back into your life by bringing you back down to earth when you feel like you’re floating away in a dreamlike state.

How Hard Is The Black Opal Stone?

Black Opal has a Mohs hardness of 6 – 6.5 and is a good choice for those who want to wear jewelry with a bit of heft.

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