Demantoid Garnet: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

Demantoid Garnet
Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Garnet Overview

The Demantoid garnet is a rare gemstone with remarkable properties that are valued worldwide. It is a member of the Garnet family that has a green color.

It is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world because of its rarity and powerful properties. You can use this guide to learn more about the Demantoid Garnet, its colors, and its meanings, as well as some valuable tips on how to buy it.

  • Variety of: Andradite
  • Wearability: Good
  • Symbols: Confidence, Balance
  • Color: Green, Yellowish-Green
  • Hardness: 6.5
  • Birthstone: None

What is Demantoid Garnet?

Demantoid is a green gemstone variety of andradite garnet. It is one of the most expensive gemstones in the entire world, and for a good reason. It is an extremely rare gemstone that was only discovered in the 19th century. Very few mines produce this garnet which makes it highly sought after by enthusiast collectors.

The Demantoid Garnet is related to the heart chakra and symbolizes confidence and balance. It is often mistakenly called olivine and Uralian emerald. The confusion results from the similarity in color, but they are chemically different. However, they can easily be differentiated by a professional jeweler by using other techniques.

The history behind the Demantoid Garnet

Garnets have been used since ancient times, but the demantoid variety was not discovered until 1868 in Russia’s western central Ural Mountains. The find was made in the form of an alluvial deposit from a mining operation about 110 kilometers from Ekaterinburg, along the Bobrovka River, and near Elizavetinskoye, a village north by northwest.

The miners were immediately stunned by the unusually reflective nature of the gem material, which was unlike any garnet they had ever seen.

Another find was made at 75 km. To the south of the city of Ekaterinburg, on the Chusovaya and Chrisolitka Rivers, southwest to the village of Poldnevaya—deposits are also found underground up to 3 meters deep in demantoid placier here. Altogether there are five spots where this gemstone can be mined within this area.

Because of its unusual green color and the high dispersion (refractory power) that makes it sparkle more than a diamond, Demantoid quickly became a treasured and expensive gemstone. From 1916 until about 1919, when Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé made jewelry with them, the demantoids were popular in Russia.

During the austere years of Communist rule in Russia, these jewels fell out of vogue.

Origin of the name Demantoid

The miners who initially found the Demantoid Garnet began comparing it to diamond and referred to it as “demantoid,” from the French word demant, meaning diamond. The reason is apparent, with its high brilliance, dispersion, and diamond-like appearance.

Where is Demantoid found?

Demantoids are found in many countries worldwide, including:

  • Afghanistan
  • Argentina
  • Asia
  • Canada
  • China
  • DR Congo 
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • Iran 
  • Italy 
  • Japan
  • Madagascar 
  • Mexico 
  • Namibia 
  • Pakistan 
  • Russia
  • Slovakia 
  • Spain 
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Switzerland 
  • USA
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What are the physical appearances of Demantoid Garnet?

Mineral GroupAndradite
ColorGreen, Yellowish-Green
Hardness (Mohs scale)6.5
Refractive Index1.880 to 1.890
Crystal SystemIsometric
Causes of ColourCr3+ in Octahedral Coordination
Specific Gravity3.77 to 3.95
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Table of Demantoid Garnet Physical Properties

What is the appearance of Demantoid Garnet?

Demantoid is a green variety of andradite, so demantoids are always primarily green—but the exact shade ranges from yellowish green to nearly that of an emerald. The green color is caused by the presence of trace amounts of chromium. Some Demantoid stones have a brownish tinge because of their iron.

The unusual dispersion of its crystal structure makes it appear as if the stone is “firing” or emitting rainbows when light passes through it. In some cases, the gem’s green body color can render this effect less noticeable. Their luster is adamant.

Demantoids generally weigh less than 2 carats (400 mg). Stones over 3 carats (600 mg) are scarce—with only a handful known to exist.

Russian Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid is often found with asbestos (chrysotile) inclusions emanating from tiny crystals embedded within the gem. These inclusions are tiny, feathery golden threads that look like a horse’s tail; they’re called horsetails because of their resemblance.

In gemology practices, such inclusions are regarded as a ‘diagnostic‘ characteristic that distinguishes natural Demantoid from other green stones.

Some gemstones, including Russian Demantoids, are more valuable for their inclusions, and “horsetail inclusions” are seen as desirable features because they signal the stone’s Russian origin and are referred to as Russian Demantoid. However, some demantoids from specific other locations may also contain ‘horsetails,’ characteristic of a serpentinite geographic origin.

Raw Demantoid Garnet
Raw Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Garnet Price and Value

Demantoid garnet is a rare gemstone found only in a few locations worldwide. The most famous sources are in Russia and include the Korkodin Region.

  • Size: Price increases drastically with an increase in size as larger stones are harder to find and more difficult to cut. The most common sizes of Demantoid available for sale are 1 ct and 2 ct.
  • Quality: Quality is determined by the number of inclusions and imperfections in the gemstone. Clarity is also essential when determining the quality of Demantoid Jewelry. 
  • Color: The color of the Demantoid influences its value as well. Strictly speaking, stones with a more intense green coloration are generally valued more highly than those that display lighter hues of yellowish green. But some people may prefer the latter for their more terrific fire.
  • Cut: Cut is also an essential factor in gem pricing. A Demantoid stone that has been well-cut will be more valuable than a poorly cut one, even if its quality or color is the same.
  • Inclusions: The presence of the horsetails is considered a desirable trait of Demantoid Garnet Jewelry.

How can you tell if the Demantoid Garnet is Real or not?

You can use the following tests to check whether the Demantoid Gernet is real or not:

  • Color: Check the color for vibrancy and monotony. If it’s monotonous and lacks depth, it is likely fake. Look for natural color changes, which are most common in the center of the stone.
  • Acetone Test: Do an acetone test. Soak in acetone for a few minutes to see if the color comes off. If it does, then it’s likely fake.
  • Transparency: Check transparency. Opaque stones are usually artificial.
  • Check for inclusions: Inclusions are natural flaws in the rock. If you look closely at your gemstone, you should be able to find them. They will be small and irregularly shaped. If there are none, then it is probably fake.
  • Scratch Test: Do a scratch test. Kitchen knives shouldn’t leave a mark on hard stones with a rating of 6-7 or higher. Demantoid has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 and does not have cleavage as a quartz variety.
Chakra Connection
Chakra Connection

Demantoid Chakra Connection

Which chakra does Demantoid symbolize?

Green Demantoid Garnet symbolizes the heart chakra. It is the center of love, compassion, and healing energy. It is associated with the thymus gland and helps to balance emotions and improve self-esteem and confidence.

Green Demantoid Garnet is an excellent gift for those who need encouragement in their relationships or want something that radiates positive energy. The heart chakra.

Yellowish Green Demantoid Garnet is associated with the solar plexus chakra, the center of personal power. The solar plexus chakra is correlated with self-esteem and confidence. It also helps to balance emotions and improve communication skills.

Where are the chakras mentioned above located?

The heart chakra, or Anahata, is located near your heart in the center of your chest. It’s easy to see why it influences our emotions and ability to love others—and ourselves!

The solar plexus chakra is located around the belly button in the stomach, representing confidence and personal power.

What does Demantoid Garnet Symbolize?

Demantoid Garnet symbolizes the following:

  • Confidence: Demantoid Garnet is a stone of confidence and personal power that can help you feel more confident in all aspects of life. It’s also said to bring positive energy into your environment, helping those around you feel more confident.
  • Assertiveness: Demantoid Garnet can help you be more assertive, which is a good quality in many situations. It can help you communicate clearly and honestly with others and speak up when necessary. This can make relationships more effortless and more rewarding for everyone involved.
  • Patience: Demantoid Garnet can also help you be more patient. It can help you to relax and focus on what’s important in life rather than worrying about things that may never happen or aren’t worth your time. 
  • Balance: Demantoid Garnet can help you get the balance that is required in a lot of situations. It can help you to focus on what’s important in life rather than worrying about things that may never happen or aren’t worth your time.
  • Emotional Stability: Demantoid Garnet can help you feel more emotionally stable, which is a good quality in many situations. It can help you to focus on what’s important in life rather than worrying about things that may never happen or aren’t worth your time.

What are the uses of Demantoid Garnet?

Demantoid Garnet has the following uses:

  • Demantoid Ring and green Demantoid Garnet earrings can be used to help you feel more emotionally stable, which is an excellent quality to have in many situations.toid garnet can help you clear out old emotions and attachments that are holding you back from moving forward in your life. This makes it an ideal companion for anyone going through a significant life change or transition, or even if they want to get more out of the day-to-day.
  • Demantoid garnet is also said to help heal emotional wounds and find forgiveness for yourself and others. It’s said that demantoid garnet can help get rid of guilt so you can move on with your life without feeling guilty about the past.
  • Demantoid Garnet is a stone of protection, helping you to stay grounded and focused while dealing with stressful situations in your life. Its energy is said to be extremely helpful in grounding energies, so it can help you bring your spiritual practice into the real world. It’s also associated with prosperity, so it’s a great stone to use if you’re working on manifesting something in your life or career. Demantoid Garnet can also be used as a protection stone for travelers who are crossing large bodies of water by ship.
  • In addition to its protective properties, Demantoid has also been reported to help with mental clarity and focus. It has been said to boost creativity, which makes it ideal for artists or those who need help with creative projects such as writing or painting.
  • Demantoid Garnet is an excellent stone for people who are interested in the metaphysical properties of crystals. It has a high vibration, so it can be used to connect with spiritual realms and other dimensions. It can also help you in clearing your mind and make room for higher thought.
How to clean Demantoid Garnet Jewelry?
How to clean Demantoid Garnet Jewelry?

How to clean Demantoid Garnet Jewelry?

Here are some steps to help your Demantoid Garnet jewelry retain its beauty.

  1. You can clean your Demantoid Garnet by running it under lukewarm water.
  2. Soak the stained area in warm water. Then scrub it gently with a soft toothbrush until all traces of the stain are gone.
  3. Polish the crystal with a microfiber cloth until it shines.
  4. Cleanse your stone using burning sage to remove any negativity absorbed, which can negatively impact the surroundings. There is no perfect method for cleansing stones; you’ll have to research and experiment with different ways at home until you find the best technique.
  5. There are various ways to recharge your amulet, including immersing it in moonlight or burying it underground. Give it at least six hours, but overnight is ideal.

Although most ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are safe, some precautions should be taken. For example, it’s best to keep Demantoid jewelry apart from other pieces so as not to damage its finish.


Is Demantoid Garnet rare?

Even though demantoid garnets have been found in other locations since the 1990s, it remains a rare gem. It’s one of the most well-known andradite garnets and one of the priciest per carat.

How valuable is Demantoid Garnet?

Prices for demantoid garnet range from $500 a carat for good colors with some inclusions to $2,000 – 7000 for clean larger stones with top color. Demantoid is considered the rarest and most valuable of all colored gemstones; its remarkable brilliance and fire make it especially desirable.

What other gemstones go along with Demantoid Garnet?

Demantoid garnet is one of the few gems that go well with diamonds. So if you’re looking for an engagement ring or anniversary gift, consider pairing it with a fine-quality diamond. Other gems that go well with Demantoid include morganites, alexandrites, and kunzites.

What are some of the negative impacts of Demantoid?

Demantoid has no side effects. However, some people may be allergic to the metal nickel. This is a rare condition and can be tested for by your doctor.

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