Swat Emerald: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

Swat Emerald
Swat Emerald

Swat Emerald Overview

The Swat Emerald is a green variety of beryl primarily found in Pakistan’s Swat valley. This variety of Emeralds is renowned for its beauty and transparency and is popularly used in all types of jewelry. 

The emeralds were believed to be the finest in the world and were used by royalty in Greece, Egypt, and Persia. This stone is also locally known as “Zamurd”. It is connected to the heart chakra that governs our feelings of love, compassion, and generosity.

This article will talk about the properties, meanings, and uses of Swat Emeralds.

  • Variety of: Beryl
  • Wearability: Good
  • Symbols: Development, Energy
  • Color: Green
  • Hardness: 7.5-8
  • Birthstone: May

What Is A Swat Emerald?

The Swat Emerald is an Emerald that comes from the gemstone mines in Swat Valley, Pakistan. This stone displays a strong green color with a hint of blue. The stone is mostly transparent and has imperfections in some parts.

The Swat Emerald symbolizes the virtues of the heart. In ancient Egypt and Persia, it was said to bring success in trading ventures and increase business profits.

Equipped with a large, deep green hue and a brilliance that comes only from the finest grade of emeralds, this gemstone is a true showstopper.

Its light-catching qualities make it ideal for the dark green-toned outfits you love to wear. With its cut and clarity, it’s nearly impossible to look away when you see it sparkling on your finger.

Swat Emerald Appearance

Swat Emerald’s beauty is matched by its rarity. The Emerald is one of the most coveted gemstones in the world, and it is extremely difficult to find an uncut, natural Emerald of any significant size. 

Swat Emerald has a unique dark green hue that is very bright and clean. Swat emeralds typically have a deep green appearance, but some specimens have been found that are blue or yellow-green. 

It features excellent clarity and transparency, making it ideal for use in jewelry settings.

The bright green color is caused by chromium and vanadium impurities in the stone. 

Swat Emerald History

The Swat region in North-West Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful emerald gemstones in the world. These are frequently used in necklaces and earrings due to their stability and ability to withstand everyday wear and tear. 

Swat Emeralds have a long history dating back to ancient Rome. The Emeralds were at one point believed to be the finest in the world and were used by royalty in Greece, Egypt, and Persia.

There is evidence that the Emerald mines have been worked in for more than 2,500 years and are thought to have been mined primarily for use by royalty. 

Jewels from Swat were discovered in the ruins of an ancient settlement in France, indicating that they have been known and used throughout history.

Many of the Emeralds found in India’s prized antiquities are also thought to have been sourced from Pakistan’s Swat Valley and Afghanistan’s Panjshire Valley.

However, at some point in history, the Emerald mines in Swat were forgotten by the world. They were rediscovered in 1958 by the state of Swat.

Where is it found?

The Emeralds are mined in the Valley of Swat in Pakistan, from where they got their name. They were found in mines such as the Fizagat mines in Mingora City. Mingora city lies on its banks and is the largest city in Malakand Division.

They are still mined today, with over 70% being exported to China for cutting and polishing.

sem map
Swat Emerald Location

How Is it Formed?

Emeralds are formed deep below the Earth’s surface when aluminum and beryllium atoms bond together at high temperatures. They are created through contact metamorphism. This is when high pressure and temperature are applied to a rock, causing it to melt. 

Water containing silicates, carbon dioxide, and traces of other minerals flows through volcanic vents. The oxygen-rich water transports these constituents to a spot within the Earth’s crust where they can cool down and form crystals. 

The magma cools slowly, allowing crystals to grow within it. Over time, the rocks become saturated with minerals and gems.

Swat Emeralds are a form of beryl, a mineral typically found in pegmatites. Beryl is classified as a silicate mineral due to its crystalline structure, which contains silicon and oxygen atoms.

Physical Properties

The Swat Emerald has a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale, which means that another mineral can easily scratch it with an equal or greater hardness than itself (such as quartz).

In addition, it has high transparency, and its cleavage is perfect. The Swat Emerald also has a hexagonal crystal structure.

Mineral GroupBeryl
Hardness (Mohs scale)7.5 – 8
Refractive Index1.56 – 1.60
FractureUneven, Conchoidal
Specific Gravity2.67 – 2.78
Table of Swat Emerald Stone Physical Properties

How To Tell if It is Real?

To determine the authenticity of a Swat Emerald, experts use a loupe (a small magnifying glass) to examine inclusions within the stone and color zoning. They also look for damage and signs of heating.

A scratch test can determine whether or not your stone is natural. Swat Emeralds have a hardness of 7.5-8, so they can be scratched by other gems, such as Sapphires and diamonds, but not by softer materials, such as Opals and Feldspar.

An ultraviolet or blacklight can also help determine if your stone is genuine. When a blacklight is shined on a genuine Emerald, it will only show a pure green or blue-green color. A synthetic one might show a red fluorescence.


Price & Value

As you might expect, the price of Swat Emeralds depends on the color and clarity. The most valuable emeralds usually have the highest color saturation and clarity.

  • Price per carat: A high-quality Swat Emerald can cost anywhere from $800 to $10000 per ct. 
  • Color: Emeralds that range in color from medium to dark green are generally more desirable than those with lighter hues. Bluish green is also popular.
  • Size: Most of the Emeralds sourced from Swat are small, usually smaller than 1 ct. 
  • Clarity: Clarity refers to the amount and nature of inclusions, or imperfections, within the stone. The fewer there are, the more valuable the gem.
  • Transparency: Swat Emeralds are prized for their high degree of transparency.
Swat Emerald

Chakra Connection

Swat Emerald is associated with the Heart Chakra. The heart chakra, or Anahata, is the fourth of seven chakras in the body. 

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit term for wheel and refers to the spinning energy centers through which subtle energies are thought to flow in our bodies.

The heart chakra is located in the chest’s center, representing love and compassion. It is said that the energy of this stone will attract like-minded people, a sense of community and unity, ease the heartbreak and make the wearer more grounded. 

In addition, some say that this stone inspires hope, new beginnings, commitment, and devotion.

A balanced heart chakra is believed to help you be honest, have integrity, and treat others kindly. 

Its strong link to the crown chakra can help one see beauty in all things, while its connection to the Earth chakra lends us to balance between spiritual and earthly matters.

Metaphysical Properties

Emerald is the birthstone for May and the gemstone for love, friendship, and success. Emerald is also a symbol of purity and faithfulness.

However, it is often associated with prosperity, good fortune, and abundance.

It is believed that Emerald gemstones offer the metaphysical benefits of emotional balance, abundance, and healing. Because of their soothing green color, many claim that emeralds can alleviate depression and stress, promote relaxation, and help balance emotions.

The healing qualities of Emeralds come from their alleged calming effects on human beings, who, in turn, feel more balanced when they wear this stone.

Meaning & Uses

  1. In ancient times, Emeralds were thought to bring great wealth, health, and good fortune to those who wore them. 
  2. The stone was traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, especially when worn around the neck or on one’s person at night.
  3.  The Emerald is widely used in fine jewelry, gems, and minerals collections and museums around the world, as well as in decorative gifts such as vases or boxes.
  4. Due to its exceptional thermal conductivity property, Emerald is often used as a source of beryllium, a metal used in superconducting magnets.
Swat Emerald Jewelry

How to clean Swat Emerald Jewelry?

Here are some steps to help your Swat Emerald jewelry retain its beauty.

  1. Wash with mild soap and water. 
  2. Use a soft cloth for cleaning.
  3. Avoid abrasive cleaners.
  4. Avoid chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners.
  5. Avoid steam cleaning, which could damage the surface of your Swat Emerald. 
  6. Don’t use heat on it, either! You can damage it by exposing it to intense sunlight—keep it away from windows.


What other gemstones go well with Swat Emerald?

Swat Emerald is a great companion stone to other green stones, such as peridot, tsavorite, and morganite. It can also be paired with tanzanite and tourmaline.
If you’re looking for an understated gemstone that will complement your Emerald engagement ring or pendant, consider pairing it with blue topaz or blue sapphire.

Is Swat Emerald a Good Investment?

Swat emerald is a good investment. The price of this gemstone is likely to increase in the future as it becomes increasingly rare and coveted. 

Swat emeralds can be purchased for less than their value or sold for more than what you originally paid for them. This means that with patience and good luck, buyers can make gains on this gemstone. 

Is Swat Emerald a Birthstone?

Emerald is the birthstone for May. If you were born in this month, then your birthstone is Emerald.

Emeralds are a symbol of everlasting love and loyalty, so if you’re looking for a gift for someone born in May, consider giving them an Emerald!

Is it heat Treated?

Emeralds are not heat-treated. Heat treatment is a process that stabilizes or enhances the color of a gemstone in order to change it from its natural state. 

Unlike other gems like rubies and sapphires, Emeralds are not treated with heat.

However, some people do treat them with oils and fillers to change the color from light green to a deeper, more desirable green. Several other treatments can be done to an Emerald, but heat is not one of them.

Is Swat Emerald good for everyday wear?

Yes, Swat Emerald is a great gemstone to wear on a day-to-day basis. It is durable, looks beautiful, and is affordable. As an added bonus, emeralds will never lose their shine as long as you take care of them properly.

What Zodiac is Swat Emerald?

Emeralds are a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness. They are associated with the planet Mercury and the zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini.

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