Moss Agate Crystal: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

Moss Agate
Moss Agate

Moss Agate Overview

The Moss Agate crystal is a type of Chalcedony, not Agate, with green inclusions. The name “moss agate” comes from these same inclusions that look like moss growing on the stone.

Moss agate is believed to be one of the oldest gemstones whose colors and patterns add a unique beauty to any collection. This guide will show you everything there is to know about the Moss Agate crystal, its properties, meaning, and uses.

  • Variety of: Chalcedony
  • Wearability: Good
  • Symbols: Harmony, Balance
  • Color: White With Green Inclusions
  • Hardness: 6.5 – 7
  • Birthstone: None
0.34 Carat Oval Diamond
0.40 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond
0.41 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond
0.44 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond

Moss Agate Pronunciation And Etymology

The word Moss Agate is pronounced “mos-ag-aht,” and it’s a form of Chalcedony. Experts classify Agates based on the characteristic banding present inside them. Since Moss Agate does not contain any banding patterns, it is not an Agate. However, people still call it an Agate colloquially.

Other names for Moss Agate are Tree Agate due to its association with greenery and Mocha stone, named after the city of Mocha in Yemen, where it was once found.

Is Moss Agate a Crystal?

Yes, it is a crystal. Moss agate is a type of Chalcedony that shows clear to translucent color tones. The term “Moss Agate” denotes a variety of Chalcedony with green inclusions that look like moss along their surfaces.

Despite the name, this type of Chalcedony has no genuine moss embedded within its layers but only mimics its appearance.

Moss Agate Appearance

Moss Agate is typically milky white with green dendritic inclusions. The color of moss agate comes from iron and chromium impurities, giving the stone a waxy luster. Moss agate is primarily translucent but can also be somewhat opaque at times.

Moss Agate Crystal Properties

Mineral GroupQuartz
Chemical nameSilicon dioxide
ColorWhite with Green Inclusions
Hardness (Mohs scale)6.5 – 7
Refractive Index1.54 – 1.55
FractureConchoidal with very sharp edges
Specific Gravity2.58 – 2.62
Table of Moss Agate Physical Properties

Where Is Moss Agate Found?

Moss agate is available in many countries, including:

  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hungary 
  • India 
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • UK 
  • USA
Moss Agate Location
Moss Agate Location
How To Identify A True Moss Agate
How To Identify A True Moss Agate

How To Identify A True Moss Agate

If you are unsure whether you have a genuine moss agate, there are several things to look out for.

  • First, look at the piece in question through a magnifying glass. Does it appear to be translucent or opaque? If it is opaque, this is likely a fake. Natural moss agate should be primarily translucent.
  • Secondly, examine the piece for air bubbles inside it. The naked eye can often see these air bubbles without magnification, but sometimes they need a closer inspection to confirm their existence and location within the stone (if you think there may be one). Any potential fakes must have no evidence of these voids. They should appear solid throughout any part of their body if they are authentic.
  • You can also check for color inclusions; look closely at any tiny flecks inside your stone and ensure they’re greenish-blue in color. If they don’t match the described above, then your rock probably isn’t genuine because creating these kinds of color inclusions is not easy to do artificially.

Legitimate gemstones will have a certificate from a respected gemologist or appraiser such as GIA or AGTA that identifies details like whether the stone was mined sustainably and if it’s an authentic sample of a legitimate variety (like moss agate).

If you’re buying expensive jewelry pieces or gemstones, it’s worth only buying those with these certificates.

Moss Agate Crystal
Moss Agate Crystal

The Value Of A Moss Agate crystal

The value of a Moss Agate depends on the size, quality, cut, and pattern.

  1. Size: The size is measured in carats (the weight of the stone). The larger the carat weight, the more valuable it will be.
  2. Quality: The quality of a Moss Agate is measured by its clarity and color intensity. The more precise and intense its color is, the more valuable it will be.
  3. Cut: The cut refers to how well-cut the stone is. A poorly cut stone with many flaws will have a lower value than one well-cut with fewer flaws.
  4. Pattern: The pattern refers to how symmetrical or asymmetrical it is. Balanced designs are more valuable than asymmetrical patterns because they look cleaner and more pleasing to look at/wear/display etc.

What Is The Chakra Connection Of Moss Agate?

Moss Agate is connected to the heart chakra. This particular crystal vibrates at a high frequency, which means that it expands your energy field and helps you to communicate with others on a spiritual level.

Moss Agate is not a birthstone, but it makes a great companion stone for Virgos since they share an affinity for earthy tones and natural materials.

Moss Agate Symbolism

Moss Agate is known to bring tranquility and emotional balance and harmonize extreme energies.

You can use it to:

  1. Help you find your inner calm in stressful situations.
  2. Help you feel more connected to nature and the Earth.
  3. Help you get rid of anxiety and stress.
  4. Act as a natural antidepressant.

Moss agate is a stone of receptive energy, meaning it draws in the life force and reflects it to you. This can be helpful for those who are feeling blocked or stagnant, as moss agate brings energy back into your body and clears any blockages.

It connects you with nature, so wearing or holding a moss agate can help you connect more deeply with the Earth when you need grounding.

The first thing many people notice about moss agate is its resemblance to moss on rocks or tree bark, hence its name.

This coloring is one reason it’s often called the Gardener’s Talisman; some ancient cultures believed that carrying this stone would increase the yield of crops and bring a great bounty during the harvest season.

Montana Agate
Montana Agate

Montana Moss Agate

Montana Moss Agate is a popular variety of moss agate found in the Yellowstone River and its tributaries. Iron and chromium impurities give this stone a beautiful reddish hue. This coloration makes it a rarity that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Expert geologists believe this gemstone formed during volcanic activity millions of years ago in the area now known as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, United States.

Use In Jewelry

Moss agate is a beautiful gemstone used as jewelry throughout history.


Moss Agate is often used as a ring because of its durability and natural beauty. It can be polished to shine or left in its raw form and cut into a faceted stone.

Farmers wear Moss Agate rings during harvest season to enhance crop production. Business people also wear them to stimulate an increase in profits as they are connected to wealth.


Moss agate has been used as an amulet for thousands of years. People believed that these amulets protected them against evil spirits and curses in ancient times. Some still believe wearing Moss Agate will protect you from negative energy and bad luck.

Tumbled Moss Agate:

Tumbled Moss Agate crystals make showpieces because they’re easy to care for and durable. You can use them as decorations around your home or give them away as gifts.

They’re also great for meditation because they’re calming independently without needing additional enhancements (such as essential oils).


Moss Agate necklaces were believed to relieve the stress of the wearer. In addition, they help reduce stiffness in the neck.

Spiritual Use

Moss Agate is a stone of balance and harmony. It helps to maintain harmonious relationships, both with yourself and others.

Many people use Moss agate to help with emotional healing, especially regarding stress or anxiety.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, moss agate may be able to help you find peace within your heart so that you can move forward with confidence and purpose.

Moss agate is a heart chakra stone because its green color reminds us of love and compassion for ourselves and others.

It helps us remember that we all have similar needs: love, support, understanding, and many times, these things are just out of reach because they’re not visible daily. This gemstone is a way to reach out to those feelings and draw them into the wearer.

This property makes moss agate an excellent stone for those who want something tangible they can hold onto while they heal from emotional trauma, whether it be the loss of a close loved one or a breakup.

Historical Perspective on Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a beautiful stone that has been famous throughout history. It was known as Mocha stone as it was found in the city of Mocha in Yemen. However, the mines in that city have since been exhausted, and you can no longer mine this gem there.

Moss Agate In The Bible

Agate is mentioned as one of the middle gemstones in Exodus 28:19, in which it is described as being used in the third row of the High Priest’s breastplate.

“…the third row, a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst…”

Exodus 28:19
How To Take Care Of Moss Agate Jewelry
How To Take Care Of Moss Agate Jewelry

How To Take Care Of Moss Agate Jewelry

You can do a few things to ensure your Moss Agate jewelry maintains its luster and beauty.

  • Avoid exposure to heat: Avoid exposing your agate jewelry to extreme temperatures. This includes exposure to direct sunlight, steam, and other heat sources.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals: Do not wear agate jewelry when using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents such as bleach or acetone (nail polish remover). The acidic nature of chemicals can cause the color in your agate stone to fade or even change color altogether.
  • Clean it in soapy water at least once every month. Use a soft toothbrush as needed.
  • When drying the material, use a soft microfiber cloth to keep it safe from lint.


Is Moss Agate heat-treated?

Yes, most types of Chalcedony can be “pre-treated” by slowly heating it to around 300-350°F. This treatment gives it a glossy finish characteristic in cabochons.

Is A Moss Agate Crystal porous?

Yes, Moss Agate is a porous material. You should carefully dry it after washing it to prevent water damage to your gem collection.

What is Moss Agate good for?

Moss Agate is a stone of harmony. It brings the wearer calmness in stressful situations, connects to the Earth, and acts as a natural antidepressant.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Moss Agate?

Moss Agate is a beautiful gemstone for relieving stress. Moreover, it is known to work against depression and alleviates the mood of the wearer.

What Works Well With Moss Agate?

The best combination with Moss Agate is a fiery Carnelian stone. Carnelian is connected to the solar plexus chakra, while Moss Agate connects to the heart chakra. Carnelian helps you center yourself and center your three energy centers, and Moss Agate works in tandem with it due to its harmony attribute.

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