Unveiling the Fascinating Story of the Allnatt Diamond: A Gem of History and Rarity

The Allnatt Diamond is a magnificent gemstone, known not only for its sizable weight of 101.29 carats but also for its vibrant yellow hue. The diamond’s color intensity and purity position it among the most desirable and rare gems in the world, earning it a place in the annals of famous diamonds.

The Allnatt Diamond: A GIA Certified Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

A stunning close up of the Allnatt Diamond 1
A stunning close – up of the Allnatt Diamond

The Allnatt Diamond’s most striking feature is its classification as a Fancy Vivid yellow diamond by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority on diamonds. The Fancy Vivid label is reserved for diamonds with the highest intensity of color, making the Allnatt a truly exceptional gem. The diamond’s yellow color is considered pure, devoid of any secondary hues that could dilute its distinct yellow brilliance.

The Cushion Cut of the Allnatt Diamond: A Reflection of Craftsmanship

The Allnatt Diamond has been meticulously cut and polished into a cushion cut, a sophisticated and timeless shape that further enhances the gem’s aesthetic allure. The cushion cut, distinguished by rounded corners and large facets, maximizes the radiance and fire of the Allnatt Diamond, providing a sublime showcase for its rich yellow hue. The cushion cut, coupled with the diamond’s substantial size and pure color, underscores the exceptional artistry and craftsmanship that went into the shaping of this extraordinary gem.

The Allnatt Diamond’s Historical Journey

Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt: The Name Behind the Allnatt Diamond

An antique black and white portrait of Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt
An antique black and white portrait of Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt

The Allnatt Diamond owes its name to Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, a British soldier, sportsman, and philanthropist. Major Allnatt purchased the diamond sometime in the early 1950s. His passion for extraordinary gemstones led him to recognize the unique beauty and rarity of this particular diamond.

Tracing Back: The Allnatt Diamond’s Assumed Origin from the Premier Diamond Mine

The exact origins of the Allnatt Diamond remain obscured by the sands of time. However, experts widely posit that the diamond most likely hailed from the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa. The mine, known for yielding some of the world’s most famous diamonds, was the source of the Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem-quality diamond ever found.

A Masterpiece by Cartier: The Unique Setting of the Allnatt Diamond

A macro shot of the Allnatt Diamond in its Cartier setting 1
A macro shot of the Allnatt Diamond in its Cartier setting

The Allnatt Diamond is not merely renowned for its size and color. It’s equally famous for its setting. The revered House of Cartier was commissioned by Major Allnatt to create a unique setting for the extraordinary gem. The result was a floral brooch, wherein the Allnatt Diamond was placed at the center of five petals, surrounded by smaller white diamonds, highlighting its radiant yellow hue. The Allnatt Diamond’s setting is a testament to Cartier’s innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship.

The Allnatt Diamond in the Spotlight

The Prestigious Auction: The Allnatt Diamond’s Sale by Christie’s in Geneva

The Allnatt Diamond found its way onto the international stage when it was sold at a Christie’s auction in Geneva in May 1996. The diamond’s outstanding size, impeccable color, and unique history contributed to its high-profile sale, keeping spectators and potential buyers on the edge of their seats.

The Allnatt Diamond: From Fancy Intense Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow

Following its sale, the Allnatt Diamond underwent recutting to enhance its color and brilliance further. Remarkably, the gem transitioned from a classification of Fancy Intense Yellow to the coveted Fancy Vivid Yellow, a testament to the expert craftsmanship and clear understanding of the diamond’s potential. This enhancement helped cement the Allnatt Diamond’s place among the rarest and most prestigious gemstones in existence.

Displaying Splendor: The Allnatt Diamond’s Appearance in the Smithsonian’s Exhibit

The Allnatt Diamond had the distinction of being displayed at the Smithsonian Institution, appearing alongside other famous diamonds in a special exhibition. The diamond’s inclusion in this exhibit underscored its significance in the world of gemology and its status as a truly one-of-a-kind gemstone. This display also provided a platform for people around the world to appreciate the Allnatt Diamond’s exceptional beauty and unique history.

Understanding Yellow Diamonds

The Science Behind the Yellow: Nitrogen in Yellow Diamonds

A graphical representation of a nitrogen atom within a diamond structure
A graphical representation of a nitrogen atom within a diamond structure

Yellow diamonds, including the Allnatt Diamond, owe their stunning color to the presence of nitrogen atoms within their structure. These atoms absorb blue light, allowing the yellow light to be visible to the naked eye. The intensity of the yellow color depends on the nitrogen concentration, making the Fancy Vivid Yellow classification of the Allnatt Diamond a testament to its high nitrogen content.

The Allure and Availability of Yellow Diamonds: Comparisons and Market Value

While yellow diamonds are relatively common in the world of colored diamonds, those matching the vivid intensity and large size of the Allnatt Diamond are far less so. The allure of yellow diamonds lies in their vibrant color and the unique mood they convey. Their market value is determined by several factors, including color intensity, size, cut, and overall quality. The Allnatt Diamond’s notable value is driven by its rare combination of these key attributes.

Type I Diamonds: Understanding the Allnatt Diamond’s Classification

In the world of gemology, diamonds are classified into two main types based on the impurities present in their structure. Type I diamonds, such as the Allnatt Diamond, contain nitrogen atoms. These diamonds make up about 98% of all natural diamonds, but only a small fraction reach the level of color intensity and size seen in the Allnatt Diamond, contributing to its rarity and high value.

The Allnatt Diamond Among Its Peers

Spotlight on Other Famous Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

A collage of famous Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds including Allnatt Diamond
A collage of famous Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds, including Allnatt Diamond

Yellow diamonds have graced the pages of history and adorned the hands of royalty and celebrities. The Allnatt Diamond shares its elite Fancy Vivid Yellow classification with other famous gems such as the Incomparable Diamond and the Oppenheimer Yellow Diamond. Yet, the Allnatt Diamond stands out for its impressive size and the purity of its yellow hue.

The Allnatt Diamond vs. The Cora Sun-Drop Diamond and the Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond

The world of yellow diamonds also includes notable gems like the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond and the Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond. Weighing 110.03 carats, the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond is known as the largest Fancy Vivid Yellow pear-shaped diamond in the world. On the other hand, the Graff Vivid Yellow, formerly known as the d’Yquem Diamond, boasts an enormous weight of 118.08 carats.

Though these diamonds each boast their unique characteristics, the Allnatt Diamond holds its own due to its prestigious history, its Cartier setting, and its presence in the esteemed Smithsonian Institution exhibit. The Allnatt Diamond’s distinct story, combined with its striking features, cements its place as a noteworthy gem in the world of yellow diamonds.

Where to Find Yellow Diamonds

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Final Thoughts: The Allnatt Diamond’s Enduring Legacy

The Allnatt Diamond: A Testament to the Beauty and Significance of Yellow Diamonds

The Allnatt Diamond, with its fascinating history, exceptional size, and vivid color, stands as a testament to the beauty and significance of yellow diamonds. Its journey from the mysterious depths of the earth to the hands of esteemed owners and finally, to the spotlight of the Smithsonian Institution’s exhibit, reinforces its standing as a truly magnificent gem.

Looking Ahead: The Allnatt Diamond’s Impact on the World of Gemology

The Allnatt Diamond continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of gemology. It serves as a benchmark for yellow diamonds and colored gemstones in general. Its notable transformation from Fancy Intense Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow highlights the potential for enhancing the beauty of gemstones with careful and expert craftsmanship.

As the fascination with yellow diamonds and colored gemstones grow, the Allnatt Diamond’s legacy serves as a beacon, guiding future explorations in the world of gemology. Its enduring allure reminds us of the breathtaking beauty that lies beneath the surface of the earth, waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Allnatt Diamond and why is it considered special?

The Allnatt Diamond is a GIA Certified Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond that’s known for its unique cushion cut and incredible craftsmanship. Its rich history, radiant color, and exceptional rarity make it a unique gem in the world of diamonds.

Who was Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, and what is his connection to the Allnatt Diamond?

Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt was a British soldier, sportsman, and art patron who has the diamond named after him. He owned the diamond during the 1950s and contributed significantly to its modern history.

What is the significance of the Allnatt Diamond’s transformation from Fancy Intense Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow?

The transformation of the Allnatt Diamond from Fancy Intense Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow is a significant event in its history. This change in color grading, and thereby its value, was a result of additional cutting and re-polishing that enhanced its radiance and vividness.

Does the Allnatt Diamond have any relation to Cartier?

Yes, the Allnatt Diamond is uniquely related to Cartier. The gem is set in a beautiful piece created by Cartier that incorporates five smaller diamonds in its design, adding to the Allnatt Diamond’s historical relevance and ornamental value.

How does the Allnatt Diamond compare with other famous Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds like the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond and the Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond?

The Allnatt Diamond, along with the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond and the Graff Vivid Yellow Diamond, are among the most famous Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds. While each of these diamonds has a unique history and characteristic, they all stand out for their vibrant yellow color, size, and historical significance.

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