Jasper Stone: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

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Jasper Stone

Jasper Overview

Jasper stone is an opaque form of microcrystalline quartz. It comes in various colors and textures but is best known for its variations in reds and oranges.

This article will introduce you to Jasper stone, its properties, and its meanings. It will also discuss how to use this stone in your life.

  • Variety of: Chalcedony
  • Wearability: Decent
  • Symbols: Protection, Healing
  • Color: Many
  • Hardness: 6.5 – 7
  • Birthstone: July
0.46 Carat Radiant Diamond
0.50 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond
0.27 Carat Marquise Diamond
0.26 Carat Pear Diamond

What is Jasper

Jasper is a type of Chalcedony stone that occurs naturally in red, yellow, or brown varieties.

It is one of the oldest stones in the world, used by many ancient civilizations as a gemstone, healing stone, and spiritual talisman. In addition, it’s a relatively hard stone that can be polished to a high shine, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

Jasper Pronunciation And Etymology

Jasper is pronounced, “JAS-per.”

The name jasper comes from the Greek word “iaspis,” which means “spotted stone.”

Physical Properties of Jasper

Jasper is a vitreous stone that is beautiful to look at and quite strong. 

It’s a 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it’s about as hard as quartz, which is 7, and softer than diamond, which is 10. So you cannot scratch it easily with a kitchen knife.

One of its most exciting features is its appearance in different colors: Jasper comes in shades of red, black, green, and yellow, as well as white or gray.

It has a conchoidal fracture system and does not show cleavage. The chemical formula for Jasper is SiO2, which has a hexagonal crystal system.

Mineral GroupQuartz
Chemical nameSilicon dioxide
ColorDark Brown, Red, Green, Yellow
Hardness (Mohs scale)6.5 – 7
ToughnessSlightly Tough
Specific Gravity2.5 – 2.9
Table of Jasper Physical Properties
Jasper Location
Jasper Location

Where Is Jasper Found?

Jasper is a very abundant gemstone found all over the world. Some of the significant deposits can be found in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Angola
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • Namibia
  • Netherlands
  • Newzealand
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa
  • UK
  • USA

You can find the complete list of locations of Jasper deposits here.

How does Jasper Form?

Jasper is also known to form when volcanic ash or fine pyroclastics are cemented into a solid material from silica precipitation from the solution.

The cementation process is sometimes so aggressive that the sediment, ash, or volcanic particles are dissolved or recrystallized into microcrystalline quartz.

Jasper Bracelet
Jasper Bracelet

Jasper Value and Price

Jasper is a semi-precious stone, which means experts determine its value by its color and quality. Therefore, the price of Jasper varies depending on the type and color of Jasper you’re purchasing.

For example, green Jasper may cost more than the red or brown varieties because they are rarer to find and have more uses in jewelry making.

The average retail price per carat for low-quality rough stones ranges around $1-3, while high-quality pieces can fetch almost $4-5 per carat.

Raw Jasper
Raw Jasper

What Does Jasper Symbolize?

Jasper is a stone that symbolizes Protection, Healing, and Beauty.

  1. Jasper is a protective stone and can help shield you from negativity by absorbing negative energies around you and releasing them back into the Earth.
  2. Jasper encourages self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. It helps to see your beauty as it is and not how others see it. It also enhances your appreciation of others’ beauty and talents.
  3. It is beneficial for health problems such as rheumatism or arthritis due to its ability to absorb negative energy away from the body, reducing pain associated with these conditions.

Jasper’s Chakra Linkage

The different colored Jasper stones connect to different chakras of the human body, which are given below in detail. However, Jasper generally links to the heart and root chakras

The first refers to the physical heart, while the second refers to our emotional and spiritual selves. When you wear any precious stone on your body, whether it’s an amulet or a ring, it makes contact with your skin through electromagnetic energy. 

This connection can help stimulate physical activity in your chakras (the pathways that deliver life-force energy) and bring positive effects like relaxation or feelings of calmness.

Black Jasper
Black Jasper

Meaning And Uses of Jasper

Jasper comes in many different colors. Each color has a different meaning and uses.

Red Jasper: Properties And Uses

Red Jasper is a stone of protection, one of the most common types of Jasper.

This stone connects with the root chakra, which is why you can use it for grounding and protection. It’s also associated with the fire element, which can help you release negative emotions, especially anger and frustration.

Red Jasper corresponds to Mars and its energy, so wearing this stone can help you to feel more assertive in everyday life.

Green Jasper: Properties And Uses

A Green jasper stone is the stone of the heart chakra and is of the earth element. It’s a receptive stone that helps you connect to your inner power and intuition. For example, it can help you improve your self-esteem or learn more about your inner voice.

Green jasper is associated with Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This connection helps attune you to your soulmate and find the best partner for you.

This type of stone also helps balance out negative feelings toward another person that might keep them apart, such as jealousy over someone else’s achievements.

Yellow Jasper: Properties And Uses

Yellow Jasper is a stone that connects you to the solar plexus chakra and is associated with the Fire element. Moreover, it also has a connection to Earth.

Yellow Jasper is a protective stone used in rituals to help you connect with your ancestors. It can also help you connect with your higher self and deepen your meditation practice.

It’s an excellent stone for overcoming the fear of change and can help you feel more confident when facing challenges.

The Yellow Jasper stone helps balance emotions and bring calmness into your life.

Blue Jasper: Properties And Uses

Jasper stone occurs in various color combinations, but blue Jasper is one of the rarer ones, which is why it’s popular.

Blue jasper is associated with the throat chakra and helps you connect with your intuition and creativity. It’s also connected to Neptune, which makes it helpful in balancing yin and yang energies. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, it can help you find your center.

The blue jasper stone helps you focus on your current experience and remain grounded.

Brown Jasper: Properties And Uses

Brown jasper is one of the less popular types of jasper stone. However, it is only slightly different from a red jasper stone due to its higher iron oxide content, so it shares many of the same properties.

Similar to red Jasper, brown Jasper is also connected to root chakra. It’s an earth element connected to Saturn and is a receptive stone that helps you center yourself during heavy spiritual work.

Artisans have used brown and red Jasper in jewelry for centuries, but they also use it in other forms like decorative plates or bowls. The color of brown Jasper ranges from light brown to dark brown with some lighter shades of red.

Black Jasper: Properties And Uses

Black Jasper, also called bloodstone, is a stone of protection and grounding. It is connected to the base chakra and associated with the earth element.

Black Jasper helps you connect with your inner strength and power, whether you are feeling weak or exhausted or need an extra energy boost. In addition, it enables you to recognize your value and worth so that you can feel confident in yourself and your abilities.

Black Jasper can help restore balance when there has been a lot of stress or conflict in your life. It can help you to feel more grounded after being out of touch with nature for a while or if you have been spending too much time indoors.

Jasper Neckalce
Jasper Necklace

Jasper Meaning in the Bible

The Bible mentions Jasper in the breastplate of Aaron. It is also the name of the sixth stone that adorned Lucifer (Ezekiel 28:13). The word’s root means “polish,” and both Strong’s and BDB translate the word as Jasper.

Which Birthstone is Jasper

Jasper is the birthstone for July. It’s a great stone to wear to express your love of the outdoors and nature.

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Jasper Stone?

Taking care of your crystals is essential as well. There are four main ways to cleanse any precious stone, including Jasper:

  • Put the stone under a full moon overnight. This process will help clear it of any negative energy the stone may have absorbed during its lifetime.
  • Burn sage over the stone. Sage is one of nature’s best purifiers. It revitalizes the stone’s energy and recharges it for future use.
  • Use agate to cleanse your jasper stones. Agates are known as “nature’s healers” because they’re believed to contain healing properties that can help purify your body and mind when placed on or near them. Therefore, they also play a cleansing role in your entire crystal collection.
Jasper Necklace
Jasper Necklace

How To Clean Jasper Jewelry

Jasper is a type of stone with various colors, ranging from browns to greens. Jasper jewelry can be cleaned in the same way as other gemstones.

Cleaning your gemstone jewelry is vital to maintaining its value and integrity. By cleaning your jewelry regularly, you can ensure that it will last for many years to come. You can clean Jasper jewelry by following the given steps:

  • Leave it in water for about 20 minutes and gently scrub the stone with a soft toothbrush. 
  • Make sure not to use chemicals on your jewelry; instead, use water only so you can preserve its natural color and shine.
  • Use a nanofiber cloth to wipe down all surfaces of your jasper ring or bracelet after rinsing it with water; this will make it shiny again.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners may damage some gems, so you shouldn’t use them. Furthermore, avoid steam cleaners and hot water, as well, since they can cause damage over time due to high temperatures. This damage alters the structure of some stones permanently, reducing their value.


Is Jasper heat-treated?

Sometimes, Jasper is heat-treated to improve its color and clarity.

Is Jasper soft or hard?

It is a 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a good gemstone for jewelry.

Is Jasper porous?

Yes, like other semiprecious gemstones, Jasper is quite porous.

Is it UV reactive?

Yes, Ocean Jasper shows fluorescence under both shortwave and longwave UV light. However, other forms of Jasper are not UV reactive.

What is Jasper good for?

Jasper is a stone of protection and healing. When worn, it will ward against negative emotions and protect you from evil spirits. You should put it inside your house to protect against evil spirits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Jasper Stone?

Jasper has many health benefits, but the chief effect among them is preventing rheumatism or arthritis.

What Works Well With Jasper Stone?

Jasper is a varied stone with many colors and properties. Each color has its own unique pairing that works well with it. A good rule of thumb when matching crystals is to ensure the colors and chakras don’t clash.
For example, red Jasper stone goes well with Rubies and Garnets. Red Jasper resonates with the lower three chakras, which work well with Rubies and Garnets as they both resonate with the root chakra.
Meanwhile, yellow Jasper works the best with Citrine as they both stimulate the solar plexus chakra.

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